Yay I’m officially a Magento 2 Certified Developer

Maybe it’s just the fresh trauma, but I think the M2 cert exam was much more difficult than my M1 Dev+. Many of the questions were basically ‘here’s some requirements, here are four different ways to fulfill them, pick which one is best’. I don’t think there was a single simple memorization question in the whole 60 question exam.

But at least I’m certified, I guess I somehow managed to accrue the recommended ‘1.5 years of Magento 2 experience’ in about 6 months by leveraging my M1 knowledge, architecting/leading an M1>M2 replatform, building some example modules, and studying my ass off.

I have a module built with over 700 multiple choice questions that I built to help me study, I’ll release that eventually for others aspiring to pass the cert.