Make the windows machine at your house on a residential dynamic IP email you its public IP regularly

Wrote a Windows batch file that does exactly what the title of this post says it does. Edit the Mailjet creds (er, sign up for Mailjet first if needed, it’s free) and the email in the batch file and create a Scheduled Task to execute it. You’ll always know your home IP and can remote to your home machine at leisure.

Sends you an email that looks like

Yay technology 🙂

Yay I’m officially a Magento 2 Certified Developer

Maybe it’s just the fresh trauma, but I think the M2 cert exam was much more difficult than my M1 Dev+. Many of the questions were basically ‘here’s some requirements, here are four different ways to fulfill them, pick which one is best’. I don’t think there was a single simple memorization question in the whole 60 question exam.

But at least I’m certified, I guess I somehow managed to accrue the recommended ‘1.5 years of Magento 2 experience’ in about 6 months by leveraging my M1 knowledge, architecting/leading an M1>M2 replatform, building some example modules, and studying my ass off.

I have a module built with over 700 multiple choice questions that I built to help me study, I’ll release that eventually for others aspiring to pass the cert.